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Rick Davidson has prepared a fascinating and educational presentation about the reemergence of mountain lions in our area, something that the Fish and Game Department still officially deny, in spite of the growing number of sightings from reliable sources. Davidson has created a PowerPoint slide presentation that explains how native mountain lions, often referred to locally as catamounts, were hunted to extinction in the eastern United States when bounties were offered at the start of the 20th century. He goes on to cite evidence, based on numerous sightings, many of which are also collaborated by John Harrigan in his popular syndicated column, “North Country Notebook,” that catamounts have reestablished themselves not only in the North Woods but throughout the state (sightings are on record even in seacoast areas). Perhaps they were never completely eradicated. Davidson describes the cats preferred habitat and compares features of the mountain lion to other large local predators, making it easy to distinguish the real thing. He explains why the carnivores are often in conflict with ranchers and farmers, but also presents the Native American viewpoint that these are sacred animals and should be respected and honored. The slide show concludes with the question, “Can we co-exist?”

This informative presentation has been well received by many organizations similar to yours. It appeals to hunters and outdoorsmen, but also to naturalists and cat-lovers. It’s amazing how many stories of wild critters arise from the audience during the discussion period. Rick Davidson has also just written an action- packed thriller novel, in the tradition of Stephen King, based on the premise that a rogue catamount has turned man-killer and triggers a chain of terrifying events as the authorities struggle to deal with the situation.

Davidson is an educator at Kingswood in Wolfeboro and a professional photographer as well as a fascinating author and talented public speaker.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or you can reach Rick Davidson directly at (603) 539-6968, filmrd@roadrunner.com.


Brad Marion,